The black & white series I received will look great in my office. Fabulous works.

Angela Russell

Incredible artwork!! Great artist!! If you are looking for art that is unique this is the place to find it!

John J Paul

Great page. Stunning images from a very talented photographer.

Sandra Stewart

So much talent!! And so professional!! And this guy goes for and beyond to satisfy everyone’s needs.. and has a wonderful collection of photos already available!

Billy Biello

Everyone that visits my house loves my Nate Hart Prints – thanks for the amazing photos

Allie Palmer

I think he is a strong driven artestwho knows what hw wants and dose what ever ir takes to get there with out the pitty or help from others. He would love your support but is awaire it dose not come often he will do what ittakes foe the shot and for life. One day he will make it and he will forget us all and he will have every reason to. He is the defanishion of following your hart no matter what dark place it takes you.

Ed Smith

I bought a print from Nate Hart studios and I absolutely love it. I framed it and hung it at work. I received so many compliments from my co- workers. Thank you Nate.

Amanda Milano

I received an awesome photo from Nate hart studios and couldn’t be happier.

Mark Reed

Amazing pictures! Each one makes me feel as though I am there.

Charles Martin

Nate does beautiful work. Each of his photographs are truly works of art.

John Knauss

Nate Hart Studio has a large selection of various photos. I am looking into maybe family photos in the future.

Kim Lawrence Garton

Nate does Amazing work! From scenery to family portraits, he can do it all! I was looking for the perfect wine themed photo for my kitchen and the stores just didn’t have what i was looking for i went to a fair where Nate had his work set up an managed to find just what i was looking for!

Allison Amberg

Love Nate’s photo, they are absolutely beautiful..

Stephanie White Theisen

My wife and I got 2 prints from Nate Hart Studios and we absolutely love what they have added to our home. We literally live on a lake in Burlington and the landscape photos tie in with the character of the home.

Matt Gordon

One of the best photographers in the area! I have a few of his pieces and his attn to detail is amazing. Some of the shots he gets takes amazing skill and patience.

Brett Stuhler

We were lucky enough to have Nate hart studio shoot our family photo this past year. Nate is very talented and captured all the kids and adults having a fun time in the park. Can’t wait to have him shoot us again because we have since added to the family!

Tara Duer

I had the pleasure of making it to a few festivals to see Nate’s work! He has such a vast variety of photographs that you cannot leave without taking a few home if not for you, for some friends! I love how they are matted and ready to frame!! I look forward to more events and more beautiful work from Nate!!

Christina Heather

Nate’s photos are works of art, covering every subject with beauty and emotion. His prices are very reasonable.

Ani Teter

I am the proud owner of several pieces of Nate’s work. He has a great eye for nature. Love his work.

Joe Hand

Recently, I have received several Photos from Nate Hart that he has taken,some of Nature and some of other things.They are Beautiful Photos and the work that was done taken these are amazing,They have Beautiful Colors and they express of what they are,There is a lot of Talent taken into these and keep taken Photos like these will take you a long way.I enjoy and Love my Photos,they are very Beautiful.

Linda Biello

I have purchased a few portraits from Nate. And I am pleased with every picture. Great quality and clarity. The picture of the moon I got is so amazing! You can see every crater on the moon! It is one of the best I have gotten from him. Thank you Nate I will be in touch for more!!

Rebecca Stayton

For anyone looking for a great photographer, Nate Hart Studios is the perfect place to go. He can capture even the most hard to get puctures. Candid or posed, Nate Hart Studios can handle it with care and professionalism.

Diane Chandler

Nate seems to always have the right print for what you need. Keen eye and sense of balance, meets your gift, decorating or mood needs. Highly recommend!

Holli Allen Magill



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