Photo Purchase Information

I try to provide a variety of different types of photography. Some images are good for stock photography. While others are or can be classed as fine art photography. It’s all up to you and the use you have in mind for that photography.


Photography Downloads

At this time, I’ve discontinued photo downloads. I might bring this back in the future, if it’s a good fit for our business.

Photography Prints

Prints are open ended editions unless otherwise noted. At times I will list limited edition prints, which will be listed separately. Those prints will have a certain amount printed, and then they are gone forever.

Prints no longer come matted. This decision was made for variety of reasons. Some of the factors include, trying to keep the overall price of the prints affordable to all. After receiving feedback from many customers and clients. Many have told me they change mats to match their frames they pick out. And with mats being pricey, especially on larger images. I’ve decided to eliminate the mats all together.

I will sign all the prints on the back of the image instead of the mats. This will also make more sizes available for purchase. Since there will be no mat restrictions. If you are interested in other sizes, just contact me on what you had in mind.

All Images are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Edge Paper from third party lab.

Kodak Endura Metallic paper is usually referred to as a “Specialty” paper. That’s because this media is really different. The white point (or base) of the paper has a silvery look, as opposed to the white base of the Gloss paper.

When you combine this silver base with photos of metal, vibrant colors, or even rich skin tones, you get images that almost look three-dimensional. Our Kodak Endura Metallic paper is not recommended for all images; however, with the right photo, the results are amazing! A well-exposed image with defined highlights and rich colors is an ideal candidate for this unique paper.

Print Pricing = Prices listed when placing orders




Canvas Prints

Thick Wrap : They come with pre-stretched canvas on 1.5″ thick wooden frames . They are the ideal choice if you want to put them up on its own. The thick edges give it a very contemporary and professional look to the canvas . They come ready to hang. We use specially manufactured cotton blend canvas for archival printing. The edges are mirrored , so the full image will be on the front and not wrapping around. (Please Note: Allow 10-12 days for production time and shipping)

Metal Prints

Metal prints are prints on Aluminum done using our state of the art UV printers. They give a very contemporary look to any wall. Favorite among prints used for offices and conference rooms. We use 3mm – 6 m ( depending on the size ) specially engineered Aluminum for UV printing. It is manufactured to last and should hold the colors and textures for a long time. All metal prints come with a rear mount to hang the prints.  (Please Note: Allow 10-12 days for production time and shipping)

Acrylic Prints

Do you want to give your print that wow factor that will add a 3D effect to your image? Are you ready to amaze everybody with the high resolution color printing that is unique to acrylic paints? Then what are you waiting for? Opt for our quality services and enjoy spectacular acrylic photo prints results! Printing on acrylic is sure to leave viewers stunned with the exquisite detailing and impressive color details of one’s image prints. The striking colors in an acrylic print sometimes create the illusion of viewing a 3D image! How great is that! All Acrylic prints are 1/4″ thick and come with a back mount, for hanging of the print. (Please Note: Allow 10-12 days for production time and shipping)


Shipping on all USA Orders = Free (included) International orders need to email first, before placing order. A small shipping fee may be added depending on location. Orders will not be processed without prior arrangements. Shipping and production varies on what items you order. Prints usually have a turn around of 3-5 days. While canvas, metal and acrylic prints have a turn around of 10-12 days.