Batso Village 1

Batso Village 1

Fine Art Photography – Batso Village 1

Photo Taken By: Nate Hart @2013. In Southern New Jersey – The Batso Village 1 image is available for download and print. Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Edge Paper from third party lab.

Meet The Photographer

Hello, my name is Nate Hart. I’m in Southern New Jersey, Lindenwold to be exact. Photography is something that I’ve always loved to do but honestly never dedicated my full time to. It’s been a on again off again love affair. But as we all get a bit older, we realize how hard it is to do something that you love to do. So here I’m trying to improve each and every day at this special craft.
My style is just what catches my eye, my attention. Maybe a different angle of what I’m seeing, as if a story is being told to me with my eyes. So I try to catch that moment as I’m seeing it. Hopefully capturing that moment with the camera for everyone else to see as well.

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