$5.00 Photo Download Sale 06/19/2016

Each week I’ll be picking two images, which will be available for download at $5.00 each. Each image will be at the full size, that normally sells for $10.00 each. (more…)

$5.00 Photo Download Sale 06/08/2016

Each week I’ll be picking two images, which will be available for download at $5.00 each. Each image will be at the full size, that normally sells for $10.00 each. (more…)

$5.00 Photo Download Sales

Each week I’ll be picking two images, which will be available for download at $5.00 each. Each image will be at the full size, that normally sells for $10.00 each. (more…)

Spring Sale Event

Just a reminder, you can save 10% on all prints and downloads during the spring. (more…)

Weekend Sales Event



Two day sale on all prints and downloads. You will need to enter the discount code at checkout to receive the discount. The sale is for online only. No local or show prints will be on sale. (more…)

Latest Frame Deals

Here’s a few deals on some frames that you might need for a new print. (more…)

Weekly Instagram Updates 12/06/2015

Here’s a collection of Instagram posts from this past week. (more…)

Photographing Raptors And Birds Of Prey

Just about everyone loves birds, but raptors inspire something else in us. They are powerful and majestic, they are fierce hunters and they can also be elusive. It’s uncommon to spot them and when we do, it can be uniquely thrilling. (more…)

Landscapes at Night

Landscape photography has a few basic rules that most people learn pretty early on. First, when you shoot a landscape, you need to use a small aperture. That small aperture makes it possible for you to keep the entire scene in focus, from foreground to background. (more…)

Photographing Body Art

Have you ever tried to take pictures of paintings in a museum? The chances are pretty good that you found it a little challenging. Now imagine trying to take photographs of art on a living, breathing human being—that’s going to be even more challenging. (more…)

Creating Photos In Autumn Colors

The very last bits of the Autumn are among us–have you gone out and photographed it in all it’s gorgeous beauty? If you haven’t that’s quite sad; it gives you the opportunity to try a new method of focusing. (more…)

Silhouette photography tips against rising or setting sun

Silhouette photography against the rising or setting sun can be very interesting even with a basic digital camera. It is more of com-positional photography with a subject with sharp and shapely outline in front of the yellow-red sun and different shades of orange in the background. (more…)

Tips to get more Instagram followers

Does your Instagram feed require a revamp? Need to find a way to up your game? Luckily we have some of the world’s best Instagrammers on hand to help. (more…)

Stratford Fall Festival 2015

Had a great day of weather and people yesterday at the Stratford Fall Festival 2015. An annual event that the town holds each fall season. With so many events for everyone to enjoy. From kid rides and a petting zoo. Classic car show for the adults as well as many vendors for all your shopping needs. I was very happy to return for another season and setup and display some of my photography prints. (more…)

Nate Hart Studios And The Latest Transition News

Hello everyone, I hope things are well for you and yours. In life we have opportunities and we have road blocks. I know this all to well my friends. I’ve experience many, many ups and downs during this journey of mine. And I took a chance to make my hobby, my passion a full time life experience for myself and my work. (more…)

Affordable Downloads


Hey everyone! Just wanted to update everyone on our new download structure for images.  We use to allow full image downloads when the option was purchased. And originally we weren’t really charging enough, then we were charging too much. So we decided to to create a system to offer four smaller size images. (more…)

Photography tips for kids

Exploring life through the lens is a fantastic way to spend the school holidays, writes Dionne Christian.

By Dionne Christian

With the advent of phones that can be used as cameras and online picture-sharing sites like Instagram and Tumblr, everyone can start snapping. While easy tools are encouraging us to think about photography in new ways, there is now a generation of kids (and their grown-ups) keen to learn more about using a camera or a phone to take great pics. Use the school holidays to explore “life through the lens” with these ideas to inspire budding photographers.

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Tips for better small business photography


As a small business owner, great photography on your website, blog and marketing materials can make you not only look professional, but also help you to stand out from your competitors. (more…)

Starving Artist Fair “Hammonton”

Starving Artist Fair

Great night last night in down town Hammonton at the “Starving Artist Fair”. While the Hammonton “Food Truck Festival” was going on at the same time. Tons of people turned out for the events. (more…)

Shows This Week “June 12th & 13th”


Here are the shows we have schedule for this week coming up. Friday we will be in Hammonton NJ for the “Starving Artist Festival”. The Noyes Shop in Hammonton hosts its juried, outdoor artisan show, Starving Artist Fair on Friday, June 12. (more…)

Sharrott Winery “Wine And Music Festival” Recap

Sharrott Winery

This past weekend we were part of the Sharrott Winery ” Wine And Music Festival”. The festival was a two day festival showcasing different wineries including their own with live music and other vendors. We were one of the other vendors there for the event. (more…)